Thursday, 10 April 2014

Napkins with name labels

Hi, here is a quick tutorial for making preschooler/kid's napkin with name labels for school.

Things you will need:
- napkin fabric of your choice ( I picked a nice printed towel from Matalan)
- sewing supplies ( scissors, matching thread, sewing machine, pins)
- iron on labels ( I got these from Daiso, a Japanese supplies chain) and oil based pen ( I used red waterproof CD marker ).
The iron on labels look like this and come with very simple instructions.

Cut the fabric into two equal squares of your desired size... (  you may want a small or bigger napkin).
Lay them right sides together and stitch on all 4 sides leaving about 3 inches gap on any one side to allow turning out to right side. Cut the corners of the napkin ( carefully avoiding the stitches) so that you get smooth corner when napkin is turned right side out.

Once done, turn the napkin inside out through the 3 inch gap and make sure corners are ending sharp and neat by poking your thumb in the corners from inside as shown below. Then close the gap like this by pressing with finer and top stitching on all 4 sides starting from the place  gap.

Next , cut out the label  and write down the kid's name with the water proof pen .. as shown below.  Read the instructions on the iron on package carefully and then iron it onto the napkin at the desired location. This is a no brainer, believe me !!

Next, using matching thread on the sewing machine stitch the sides of the labels onto the napkin as shown below and you are done!!!

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